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10 Unfortunate Mistakes That Almost All Travelers Make

Mistake № 2: paying for things you can get for free

  • Instead of choosing a tour (which might end up being boring) and paying for it, visit this website for free walking tours. This website connects you with locals who love their city and can show you around for free. A huge bonus when using this site is that they can take you to places that only the locals know about. You can access locals in many big cities through this website.
  • Сouchsurfing is a service that connects people with free places to stay. Also, you can find people here to show you around your destination city.
  • — want to earn some money while you are on your trip? Why not. Here you can find thousands of options.
  • Campinmygarden — here you can find hosts who let people use their yard for camping. All you need is a tent. They don’t always let you do this for free, but the prices are usually very low, around $6 a night, for example.
  • Many museums have days when you can visit them for free. For example, you can visit the Louvre for free on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Some supermarkets discount food which will soon expire. And sometimes, they even give it away for free. This is especially prevalent in the U.S. and in some Asian countries.
  • In Spain, there is a rule — beer munchies (snacking food served with a beer) are always free. Sometimes, this snack can be a sandwich or a salad depending on the restaurant.
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