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11 Harmful Things We Do Every Day Without Realizing It

Changing habits is not only possible but also necessary, at least this is what a study conducted by Veronica Irvin from Oregon State University says. Some habits have been with us for so long that we take them for granted. Because what’s wrong with using sunscreen or incense? But, as recent studies show there are some habits that can be pretty harmful.


We  have found out which habits you should drop right now.

1. Using too much sunscreen

Everyone knows that it’s necessary to use sunscreen when going outside. This can help avoid premature aging and skin cancer. But it’s important to not use too much. A lack of sunlight and vitamin D can lead to other types of cancer, like pancreatic cancer.

The research of Anne-Louise Ponsonby, an epidemiologist at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health in Canberra, Australia, showed that vitamin D deficiency and over-the-top sun protection may be the reason for multiple sclerosis. You should protect yourself from direct sunlight, but don’t overdo it. Make decisions based on your health risks.


2. Not eating fats

Too much fat in your diet can lead to heart disease and problems with weight. But you shouldn’t stop eating fats completely. They help the body metabolize vitamins. Eat good fats from 44 to 78 grams per day depending on your personal preferences and circumstances.

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