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11 Things That Make Any Kitchen Look Messy and Inhospitable

Researchers from the University of North Carolina found out that almost 70% of women prefer to cook at home. On average, they spend 71 minutes in the kitchen a day. The kitchen is still one of the most important places in the house, therefore, everything should be cozy, safe, and clean here. However, even the kitchen of a first-class host can contain time and effort consuming things that make the cleaning process even worse.

We found the most irritating, useless, and harmful things that smart hosts never allow in their kitchens.


1. Universal chopping boards

It’s better to use separate chopping boards for meat, vegetables, and fish. But it’s worth remembering that plastic boards are considered to be more harmful in terms of the growth of pathogenic bacteria than wooden ones are. Scratches and striations on plastic boards get deeper with time and become harder to properly clean.

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially recommends using at least 2 chopping boards at home. One for meat/fish/poultry, and the other for ready-to-eat products.

2. Furniture without a baseboard or socle

Dust, pet dander and more will pile up under kitchen cabinets, especially if there’s a little gap between the cabinets and the floor. You’ll have to be very skillful to thoroughly clean up the mess from hard-to-reach places like these.

  • To make the cleaning process easier, you can have special baseboards or socles made for your kitchen. Make sure they fit snugly to the floor.
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