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11 Things That Make Any Kitchen Look Messy and Inhospitable

3. Textured flooring

Every scratch and bump on the floor is a real magnet for dirt and dust. The mix of dust and tiny drops of fat and oil will get stuck in the parquet planks and fill in the hollow spots of textured linoleum.

  • The lower the level of roughness is on the floor, the more comfortable and easy cleaning them will become.

4. Multiple-use towels

Researchers cultivated the bacteria from 100 kitchen towels after 1 month of use. Almost half of them contained the types of bacteria that can make us sick. Additionally, towels that were used for different tasks like wiping the dishes and hands, or cleaning kitchen surfaces contained much more bacteria than those used for only one purpose.

  • That’s why a good host has at least 2 kitchen towels and regularly washes them. Another even more hygienic option is to use paper towels; you use them just once and bacteria and microbes have no chance of breeding on them.
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