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15 Genius Ikea Hacks You Can Easily Do Yourself

IKEA has been a haven for life hackers. Thanks to their affordable, practical and well-designed ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories. They make versatile products that you can re-design and re-touch with your own style and fit it to your own décor. In this entry, we will feature some of their beautiful furniture collections and show you how you can make statement pieces out of them with just little tweaks. Check these awesome DIY Ikea hacks :

Made up of untreated solid wood, the TARVA chest sports a simple and classic design. A simple white paint with gold details with a top drawer design can transform it into a sleek and chic desk. DIY, DIY

For people with butter hands, you will undoubtedly enjoy this IKEA hack of two stools making a wine table. Designed to fit to small spaces, it features strategic cutouts you can use to prevent spilling your precious wine. DIY, DIY,

Why you should settle for one headboard when you can most definitely have two? This hack shows us two Mandal headboard on top of each other for a headboard/storage piece. DIY, DIY

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