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This City Vanished 1000 yrs ago in North America- Archaeologists Find Mysterious clay Pyramids

About a millennium before Columbus arrived in the New World, on the land of today’s St. Louis of Missouri, was founded an American settlement that in a very short period of time would become the largest city at the north of the territory we now call Mexico.


In the year 600 of our era, long before Columbus’s people cast the anchor on the shores of the New World, a mysterious indigenous people laid the foundations of one of the greatest and most enigmatic cities of North America.

And, besides creating a complex city, it’s not known why, these people built over 120 earth pyramids.

These bizarre constructions, as well as the history of the settlement and its inhabitants, remain an enigma today.

A reconstitution of how Cahokia showed | Artist’s impression

It is the city of Cahokia, whose period of maximum development was between the 10th and 12th centuries AD.

At its peak, the American settlement had an area of over 16 square kilometers, more than most of the big cities in Europe at that time – including London.

Cahokia’s population was 10-20,000 inhabitants. There were at least 120 artificial mounds in the city, over which some large buildings were built.

Cahokia, the Largest City in North America

The city of Cahokia, a true metropolis of its time, was built after 500 BC by Mississippians – an American population that occupied a vast territory in the southeastern US, from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Unfortunately, these people did not have a writing system, so we do not know how they now call their town. In the seventeenth century, the ancient city was given the name Cahokia by the French explorers.

The name was borrowed from a tribe who lived then in the area where the remains of the old settlement are located.

The process of building the settlement is a mystery for historians. Researchers say that everywhere they excavated, they discovered something of value: buildings, monuments, artifacts.

The town was very well organized from the urban point of view | Artist’s impression
  • These finds show that the settlement was a huge city that was mysteriously built in a very short time.
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