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Here Are 26 Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life If You’re Ever In An Emergency

Losing precious sleep mulling over how you’ll pull through an impending zombie apocalypse? Whether it’s an end-of-days scenario, an extreme camping adventure, or just a bad day commuting back home, it never hurts to have a few survival tricks up your sleeve.

As any good survivalist knows, everyday items can be used in new and exciting ways that you might not expect. Heck, even something as straightforward as Doritos have a secondary use that you might not know about. Instead of buying the latest and greatest gear, you can craft almost everything you need to stay warm, safe, and well fed no matter how bad things get.

Here, we’ve collected 26 of the best survival tips from around the internet. After reading this list, you’ll be much more inclined to hold onto those old coffee canisters, Tic Tac containers, and glowsticks. And this is just the beginning! Don’t be afraid to get creative with the items in your house and figure out how you can hack them into survival necessities.

1. Use AAA batteries in AA battery gadgets by making up the difference with tin foil.

How To Survive It

2. Slip a $20 bill in between your phone case and your phone so you’ll always have some emergency funds on hand.


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