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Oregon UFO Incident Is An Imminent Proof UFOs Are Real (Full Audio Included!)

The Oregon UFO incident started as a radar target running at vast speed and ended up in multiple eerie reports of commercial pilots who saw a mysterious object over the Northern California sky.


In October 2017, a strange craft barnstormed the sky in Oregon, quickly developing into a massive UFO chase.

F-15 planes were also sent to hinder the obscure guest that ran with such a speed it quickly disappeared from the radar.

Recently, an audio tape emerged which only confirms the bewilderment between the pilots, the control tower and radar operators.

The Oregon UFO incident managed to confuse many officials who were unsuccessful in determining what is actually going on.


This spooky UFO event happened last year, on October 25, at around 4:30 pm. Namely, air traffic supervisors detected an unusual appearance of an object floating with a tremendous velocity.

Simultaneously, they supposed it must be some unlawful flight. Therefore, they notified the authorities of Sector 31 of the Oakland Control Tower.

During that time, the mysterious object flew over Crater Lake to the Willamette Valley. It moved with an incredible speed, at 37,000 feet.

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