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Oregon UFO Incident Is An Imminent Proof UFOs Are Real (Full Audio Included!)

The Oregon UFO incident started as a radar target running at vast speed and ended up in multiple eerie reports of commercial pilots who saw a mysterious object over the Northern California sky.   In October 2017, a strange craft barnstormed the sky in Oregon, quickly developing into a massive UFO chase. F-15 planes were [...]

Truth About The Discovered Chinese ‘UFO’ Crash

A bizarre UFO crashed in a Chinese forest leading everyone to think it was of extraterrestrial origin. Now the Chinese government has claimed the space debris and the truth about the Chinese UFO crash is out. With the Pentagon report on a UFO encounter still fresh in everyone’s minds, when an unidentified object crash-landed in a Chinese forest everyone [...]

Three Breakthrough Discoveries That Prove Our History Books Are Wrong

History classes teach us one thing, yet, the new world breakthrough discoveries don’t stop to make us wonder whether what we learn in school is a complete truth. Or maybe our history books are missing something really important.   Within our planet, there is an abundance of breathtaking discoveries which tend to show us that [...]

This Is The UFO Footage NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

During a NASA live stream from the Progress spacecraft event, two UFOs suddenly appeared and then quickly vanished. According to many theorists who already have started a fiery discussion on the topic, this UFO footage is definitely refined by NASA.   But what is even weirder, UFO hunters claim that this isn’t the very first [...]