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Survival Tips That Can Save Your Life When All Else Seems Lost

We are helpless without our gadgets. We start to panic when the battery on our phone is low or when there is no internet connection. But being in a dangerous situation all by yourself where every second counts requires quick action to be taken.


We are going to tell you about some tips and tricks that will save your life in an incredibly difficult situation so that you can be ready for anything.


1. How to set a bonfire correctly

The first thing you need to do in the wild is set up a bonfire. However, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. Therefore, people usually end up wasting their precious time. A bonfire consists of 3 parts:

  • Tinder consists of dry, thin twigs as thick as pencil lead and as long as a hand. You will need as much tinder as you can grasp with your fingers in both hands.
  • Kindling consists of twigs as thick as your fingers and as long as a forearm. You will need as much kindling as you can grasp with both arms.
  • Firewood is a wood that will burn in the fire for a long time. 3 branches should be as thick as your wrist or even thicker. Break them into parts as long as your arms.

Firstly, put the tinder in the shape of a tent and burn it. After that, place the kindling the same way and gradually add firewood. Such a fire will burn for a long time and will give good coal for preparing food.

2. A self-made tool

If you don’t have any tools for building a shelter on hand, you can make them yourself. To make a hammer, take a middle-sized, fresh tree branch. Split it into thirds and place a flat but strong stone into the cleft. Afterward, fix it with a rope or a twig both above and below the stone.

  • You can make one part of the stone flat and use it as a hammer for installing a tent or a hut. The other part of the stone can be sharpened and used for cutting branches or for defense.
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