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Survival Tips That Can Save Your Life When All Else Seems Lost

3. Automatic fishing rod

Fish are the most affordable food source in a drastic situation like this, but you’ll need to catch it first. A self-made automatic fishing rod will be of great help.

How to do it: Find a small, young tree near water. Hammer a trap consisting of two wooden wedges and a hook for each other into the ground beside it. Bend the wood and tie up its top to the upper wedge. Tie up a rope with a hook and a bait to the same wedge. When a fish grabs the bait, the trap will work and throw fish out to shore.

4. How to lure worms

Before catching fish, you should find a bait and for these purposes, there is a trick that fishermen have been using for many years.

Find wet ground and turn a rotten and fallen tree over. Take 2 sticks and hammer one of them to the ground and start to make sawing movements upon it with the second one. 2 or 3 minutes later, earthworms will start to crawl to the surface of the dirt and will be your bait for catching fish.

  • Earthworms come outside because they perceive noise as an approach of a mole. It’s the same reason why they crawl to the surface during rain since raindrops cause the same kind of vibrations.
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