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Three Breakthrough Discoveries That Prove Our History Books Are Wrong

2. Ancient Egyptians traveled the earth and arrived in Australia.

Researchers discovered series of weird glyphs in Australia which made them conclude Ancient Egyptian sailors actually went to this present-day continent.

These mysterious glyphs were called the Gosford Glyphs and many historians categorized them as fake.

However, they characterize with a really outstanding writing technique. Local inhabitants described them as ancient writings that belong to the earliest dynasties.

Egyptologists like Mohamed Ibrahim and Khemit School Co-Director Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan dedicated their life to examining ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Ibrahim and Awyan worked with a crew of people to decipher the mysterious illustrations. They discovered that the hieroglyphs in Australia are genuine.

Furthermore, the anonymous authors used correctly many ancient hieroglyphs which weren’t present in Egyptian hieroglyphics up until 2012.

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