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Truth About The Discovered Chinese ‘UFO’ Crash

A bizarre UFO crashed in a Chinese forest leading everyone to think it was of extraterrestrial origin. Now the Chinese government has claimed the space debris and the truth about the Chinese UFO crash is out.

With the Pentagon report on a UFO encounter still fresh in everyone’s minds, when an unidentified object crash-landed in a Chinese forest everyone was quick to jump to alien origins.

UFO crash in Chinese forest. Sourced: BGR.

However, for those hoping for extraterrestrial visitors, the origins reported in UFO news are not alien.

The object crashed in the Chinese forest of the Fujian province, and although it fell from space, it is not an alien spacecraft.

The large chunk of metal was, in fact, a Chinese rocket that launched over a week ago, according to the Chinese Space Agency. Although the rocket crashed in a forest and did not hurt anyone, it was not far from nearby villages. In actual fact, it was two plant workers – Huang Yijin and Zhang Hejin – who discovered the then believed UFO, whilst on the way to their job. 

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